The special of the Planetary ball mill grinding sample

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In general, such as hard, metal powder and ore samples developed by different kinds of planetary ball mill, according to different materials, stainless steel ball mill, optional carbon steel ball mill pot can also be, great hardness material?

How about great hardness material? Dose planetary ball mill can be used?We should use tungsten carbide ball-milling jar. With a strong acid alkaline, corrosive samples, we should use common types of milling jar of PTFE, polypropylene, ultra high molecular milling tank may be suitable for food, medical, cosmetic industries requiring high purity sample mill applications.

In exceptional circumstances, a planetary ball mill grinding of the sample, in order to avoid deterioration in the air or when the need polishing media can be used to vacuum gas canister vacuum ball milling or inert gas milling,vacuum ball milling tanks typically 304 stainless steel,When samples need to use the vacuum ball mill can grind but can’t use stainless steel material grinding,┬áit can be milled in the stainless steel vacuum tank lining, such as nylon, PTFE, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, alumina, zirconia, and other materials, avoid contact while the sample with stainless steel milling can achieve vacuum and inert gas milling.

Based on the above principle basic can help you choose a suitable for your own use of ball mill can, of course, because the planet type ball mill industry widely, grinding samples were varied, if you still have a lot of demand for your own grinding doubts, please contact our planetary ball mill manufacturer, we can help you analyze doubt dispels doubts or provide you with free samples test.

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