special ceramic -Bioceramic

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Studied the microwave  sintering process and properties of nano all-ceramic dental materials using microwave technology. The results show that high-purity a -Al2O3 microwave sintering at 1600 ℃ all-ceramic insulation lOxnin, up to 99% relative density, compared with the conventional sintering methods, the sintering temperature is lowered, the sintering time is shortened, before and after sintering and grain size is small. Wu Na, such as the use of synthetic hydroxyapatite powders precipitation method, the R2O-Al2O3-B2O3SiO3 system HAP powder mixed with glass powder by a certain percentage, after forming, sintering under microwave devices, resulting hydroxyapatite – glass composite structural ceramics denser, shrinkage of the sample than conventional sintering method is small.

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