Four big cutting tool material


The development of the cutting tool material for cutting technological progress plays a decisive role . This text introduces the cutting used in diamond, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, ceramics, hard alloy, high speed steel cutting tool material performance and the applicable scope . Cutter damage mechanism is the theoretical foundation of the cutting tool material selection reasonable, The performance of the cutting tool material and workpiece material match reasonably is the key to the cutting tool material selection basis, According to the cutting tool material and workpiece material mechanics, physical and chemical properties of selection cutting tool materials , To achieve good cutting effect . As the piston during machining cutting tool material selection for this paper .

High-speed steel : In the piston machining milling poured riser 、Milling groove and milling expansion slot milling cutter , For the high speed steel material such as drilling hole with drill bit .

Cemented carbide :YG, YD series of carbide cutting tools are widely used in aluminum piston processing of each process ,Especially the piston roughing and semi-finishing process。

Cubic Boron Nitride :Cubic boron nitride cutting tool is used to set cast iron ring piston ring groove cutting cast iron process。At the same time also is applied to the three-dimensional modeling of piston .

Diamond :Diamond tool available to diamond materials with high hardness 、high wear resistance 、 high temperature conductive And the low coefficient of friction of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials wear-resisting high precision, high efficiency, high stability and high surface finish machining. When the cutting aluminum alloy ,The life of the PCD cutting tool is dozens of times and even hundreds of carbide cutting tools ,Is an ideal tool to the aluminum piston precision machining ,and it Has been used in finish turning ring grooves, fine boring piston pin hole, fine car live the Great Wall, essence of piston top surface fine car piston combustion chamber and the finishing process.

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