Zirconium carbide powder for U-shaped ZrC-graphite composite ceramic composite heater

ZrC powder

Zirconium carbide for U-shaped ZrC-graphite composite ceramic composite heater, heating efficiency, energy-saving effect, small footprint, low-temperature cold junction, electrical properties and stability; under vacuum, neutral or reducing atmosphere conditions, Provide high temperature above 2000 ℃ environment; Has good thermal shock resistance, high thermal efficiency, heating speed, 120 minutes from room temperature to 2000 ℃; Can be used for ultra-high temperature refractory thermal shock test.

Zirconium carbide for zirconium carbide composite ceramic sensor, high mechanical strength, not easily deformed at high temperatures and volatile, stable electrical properties, long service life. Under vacuum or protective atmosphere, the ultra-high temperature ambient temperature below 3000 ° C can be accurately measured, which is a temperature sensing component with the highest temperature measurable in a contact sensor.

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