Why planetary ball mill grinding should choose different mill pot?

Now on the market planetay ball mill pot Material can be divided into stainless steel, nylon, corundum, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene, zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride, tungsten carbide, etc., in the form of sub-divided by grinding for the vertical milling jar, horizontal milling cans, vacuum ball milling tanks, then we in the end should be how to choose their own material using a ball mill jar it? What a lot of the material is different?
Choose what kind of material is generally milled tank depends mainly on the nature and (including physical and chemical properties) of the ground sample size requirements of the material, the hardness of the sample must be smaller than the milling jar and grinding balls of hardness, ball jar and grinding balls Material is also true, so when we choose the best ball mill jar and grinding balls try to choose the same material, if the sample is greater than the hardness of grinding ball mill pot and hardness, abrasion is that grinding ball mill pot and the sample is no way to reach the ground effect, and milling and grinding balls wear tank can cause contamination of samples. The best selection of different materials, different polishing milling tank, rather than generic.

Different materials commonly used in the milling jar is descending order according to the hardness of tungsten carbide, zirconia, agate, alumina, stainless steel. Under normal circumstances, such as metal powders, ores and other hard kinds of samples can be used to develop steel or stainless steel mill pot mill pot, great hardness of tungsten carbide milling of materials can be used cans, glass, ceramics and other samples can be used nylon mill pot, corundum zirconia milling jar or grinding mill pot, avoid the use of metal grinding mill pot metal impurity doping sample to sample contamination, but also to prevent sample discoloration occurs, acid alkaline and other corrosive samples with common PTFE ball milling tanks, polypropylene, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene ball mill jar may be suitable for food, medical, cosmetic industries requiring high purity sample sample grinding applications. In exceptional circumstances, some samples in order to avoid deterioration in the air or when the need polishing media milling gas available to the vacuum tank vacuum or inert gas milling milling, vacuum ball milling tanks typically 304 stainless steel, when samples need to use a vacuum milling but can not be used when the tank polishing stainless steel milling, ball milling in a stainless steel vacuum tank liner such as nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, corundum, zirconium oxide, and other materials, to avoid contact with the stainless steel of the sample but also to achieve vacuum and inert gas milling milling.

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