What we should pay attention to when buying high energy planetary ball mill

►When Buy high Energy planetary ball mill we should choose our own energy frequency planetary ball mill according to our own circumstances, not blindly choose. Choose high energy planetary ball mill should pay attention to the following points.
1, we should have detailed knowledge of own the preferred hardness minerals, as well as minerals fineness requirements.
2, the ideal dressing required to achieve a planetary ball mill output per hour is the number?
3, and communicate with mill manufacturers for detailed information, choose the right according to the requirements of production and beneficiation mill fineness.
4, the selection of high-energy planetary ball mill large teeth, small teeth modulus, and a motor, subtrahend machine manufacturer
5, to the formal dressing mill manufacturers, according to the fineness of its own mineral claims, choose aperture with sub-storage position and closing plate.


6.The mill price, requirements liner material and steel mill body thickness mm.

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