What is zirconium carbide ?

Zirconium carbide
, molecular weigh is 103.22,the theory of carbon content is 11.64%, is a gray metallic powder contained metal, which is referred to as cermet powder. Zirconium cermet carbide powder is a new material produced by a new process, its chemical formula is ZrC with cubic system structure of NaCl type, the lattice constant is 0.46930 nm with a space group named Fm3m .Zirconium carbide&rsquo s C atoms and Zr atomic radius ratio is 0.481, less than 0.59, formed a simple interstitial phase, Zr atomic formed a close cubic lattice , C atoms is in the lattice of octahedral gap position. Zirconium carbide&rsquo s Melting point is 3540º C, density is 6.73g/cm3 ,and thermal expansion coefficient of 6.7 × 10-6 ℃ -1, microhardness 2600kg / mm2, a resistivity of 57 ~ 75 / &mu &Omega · cm, strong oxidation start temperature of 1100 ~ 1400 ℃, not dissolve in hydrochloric acid, but insoluble in nitric acid.

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