What is vanadium carbide ?

changsha langfeng -professional carbide powder manufacture introduce vanadium carbide powder for you:
vanadium carbide, chemical formula VC, relative atomic 62.95, the carbon 19.08%, gray metal-like powder, a crystalline NaCl-type cubic crystal lattice constant 4.182 Å , good chemical stability and high temperature performance. A density of 5.41 g / cm3, melting point: 2800 ℃, boiling point: 3900 ℃. It can be used for cutting tools, steel industry and tungsten carbide grain refiner, can significantly improve the properties of the alloy. Vanadium carbide is slightly harder than quartz. By reducing vanadium pentoxide was prepared with carbon black. It can be used to make vanadium steel and for thermal spray materials, plasma spraying, flame spraying, laser spraying, HVOF and so on. CAS: 12070-10-9 11130-21-5 EINECS: 235-122-5

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