Ultra-low temperature planetary ball mill

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We know the following medium hardness or brittleness of the samples in a planetary ball mill grinding applications often get fast, good grinding results, and the solid rubber of the sample using a common planetary ball mill difficult or completely unable to achieve the purpose of crushing it, then We need to use cryogenic grinding milling mode, ultra-low temperature planetary ball mill is the one to provide cryogenic milling laboratory ball mill, ultra-low temperature planetary ball mill by liquid nitrogen into the studio, so that the material hardens at ultra-low temperatures, brittle thus easier to break, a ball mill was grinding to achieve good results.


Ultra-low temperature planetary ball mill planetary ball mill, also known as liquid nitrogen, cryogenic planetary ball mill is 99.9% pure nitrogen delivered to the planetary ball mill work indoors, work indoors in liquid nitrogen vaporization absorbs heat generated by the operation of the milling tank, the material In Cryomilling more conducive material crushed. When the sample is temperature-sensitive, that is, when the temperature rises sample chemical changes occur, affecting the quality of the sample or samples of explosive materials can be used Cryomilling method grinding the same time, greater flexibility, fibrous materials also improve material hardness and brittleness by Cryomilling way, complete grinding.

Planetary ball milling using liquid nitrogen samples with excellent results, but the use of liquid nitrogen has some certain risk, so the use of liquid nitrogen, a planetary ball mill to operate your need careful, careful!

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