Twist drill sharpening techniques – high-speed steel cone shank twist drill grinding(2)

Formula 3: ” behind by twist drill grinding blade consistency.” Here refers to the start bit parts along the entire blade slowly after grinding,For convenient grinding and heat dissipation.
Three formulas: ” from the edge toward the back ground behind.” This refers to the cutting edge of the drill grinding slowly along the entire flank. This facilitates cooling and grinding. On the basis of steady consolidation of formulas I, II on, then bit gently touching the wheel, be a relatively small amount of sharpening, to observe the uniformity of sparks when sharpening, the pressure is adjusted in a timely manner, and pay attention to cooling the drill bit. When cooled resumed sharpening, to continue gracefully formulas one or two positions, which is often difficult to grasp at beginner, often involuntarily alter the validity of its position.
Formula 4: ” don’t skip bobbing up and down the tail.” This movement is also very important in the process of drill sharpening, often there are students in the sharpening of the ” bobbing” into a ” turned up and down” , the bit of the other main cutting edge destroyed. The tail end of the drill bit is not above at the same time become warped on the center line of the grinding wheel level above, or you will make the edge grinding blunt, not cutting.
Master above formulas, one can improve the sharpening techniques.

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