Titanium carbonitride ceramic rod advantages

Titanium carbide Nitride cermets rod 1

Titanium carbonitride ceramic rod advantages:

1: high hardness, carbonitride titanium-based cermet hardness is higher than the WC-based hard alloy, generally up to HRA91-93.5, suitable for processing cast iron, malleable iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, titanium and other metal materials ;

2: good wear resistance and anti-crescent wear capacity, high-speed cutting steel wear rate is very low;

3: high heat resistance, the production of the tool in the 1100-1300 ℃ high temperature can still be cutting, cutting speed than WC-based carbide 2-3 times higher, up to 200-400m / min;

4: higher oxidation resistance, TiC formed after the oxidation of TiO2 formed a lubricating effect, so Ti (C, N) -based cermet oxidation degree of WC-based cemented carbide is about 10% lower.

5: Good chemical stability, the production of TiCN-based cermet cutting tool in the cutting, the tool and chip, the work will be formed on the contact surface Mo2O3, nickel molybdate and TiO2 film, 700-900 ℃ often It is difficult to appear bonding situation, not easy to form BUE, help improve the surface quality of the workpiece to form a mirror surface. This feature makes it very suitable for dry cutting, is conducive to saving production costs.

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