titanium carbide powder transaction process

►To provide procurement program, and to determine the specific chemical composition and particle size. There are a variety of testing methods of particle size in Langfeng Metallic material Ltd. as follows :
FSSS particle size test the granularity of powder: FSSS particle size analyzing test is a relatively simple particle size measurement method , which is based on measuring the speed of air through the accumulation of body powder, and it was developed by the United States Fisher Scientific Co., which is a relatively measured. The method can not accurately determine whether the size of powder is a false size or true, only using it to control the quality of processes and products.
Laser particle testing the granularity of powder: Through the particle size distribution of the powder with a laser particle size analyzer test, the particle size distribution can be intuitively translate the titanium carbide powder laser particle size distribution which is based on a different method to measure the particle size of the powder particles in a dispersion medium for the differences of laser&rsquo s scattering.
Scanning electron microscopy testing the granularity of powder : the scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a mean of observed microscopic appearance between transmission electron microscopy and optical microscopy range , it can directly access to the material properties of the sample surface material of microscopic imaging. And then we can very intuitively translate particle size and distribution of the powder.
BET testing the granularity of powder: powder specific surface area measurement name from the well-known BET theory, it is organized by the first letter of three scientists (Brunauer, Emmett and Teller) acronym, multi-molecular layer adsorption Three scientists deduced Multi-derived molecule layer adsorption formula based on the classical statistical theory , known as the BET equation, becoming the theoretical foundation of particle surface adsorption science, and it is widely used in the adsorption properties of the particle surface detection equipment and related data processing, but also a tasting method of granular powder screening: that is the powder through certain mesh sieve, sieve on or sieve under was not more than 5%, for example, if you ordered titanium carbide is a product of -100 + 200 mesh , then we will give you detection with screening , taking 100 grams of powder on our test screening machine, vibration time is 15 minutes, and more than 100 heads of titanium carbide meal can not be exceed for 5% and less than 200 mesh fines can not be exceed for 5%.
The same size of titanium carbide powder will have the variable testing results by using different size detection method. Therefore, please identify a detection method when you order our titanium carbide powder product , so that we can give you accurate size products, thank you for your cooperation!
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