TiCN-based cermets used as cutting tools

glass cutter wheel

These tools are applied for high-speed finishing and semi-finishing of carbon steels and stainless steels . They can also be utilized in machining and finish milling of alloy steels and cast irons as well as the normal carbon steels .


Owing to the excellent high-temperature proper-ties and low density, TiCN-based cermets have been also applied as refractory parts of jet engines, turbine engines, civil gasoline engines and diesel engines. Furthermore, in the field of oil and mining industries, TiCN-based cermets are used as not only drills and excavat-ing tools, but also oil pipeline nozzles and throttles for their better practicality.


Additionally, on account of their excellent wear resis-tance, this kind of materials has been successfully used as gauges, hot working models like wire drawing dies, hot rolls and bearings, and even Si3N4 ceramics could not throw them into the shade when as bearing materials. More encouragingly, surgical tools have even been made of TiCN-based cermets. Other than the above-mentioned facts, TiCN could even be used as coating materials, functionally gradient materials, composites, and so forth.


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