Tic base metal carbide development history

tic cermet rod
About 1960, the United States made the company of nickel-molybdenum alloy bonded TiC-based cermet cemented carbide. Adding molybdenum to nickel, forming Mo2C when sintered, and forming an unbalanced TiC-Mo2C solid solution on the TiC crystal grains to obtain a ring structure grain.

This grain shell high molybdenum content, titanium content is low, the middle part of the lack of molybdenum or low molybdenum high titanium. As the nickel on the TiC-Mo2C phase of the wettability is better to avoid the direct contact of nickel and TiC, so that a substantial increase in alloy properties. This discovery is an important breakthrough in the development of Tic-based cemented carbide.

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