Thermal spraying technology make perfect surface finish

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It refers to a series of metallic carbide thermal spraying process, in these processes, finely dispersed metallic or non-metallic  coating material, in a molten or semi-molten  state, is deposited onto a prepared substrate surface via, forming some kind of spray deposition layer. The coating material may be a powder, ribbon, filament or rod. Thermal spray gun is provided by fuel gas, electric arc or plasma arc necessary to heat the thermal spraying material is heated to a plastic or molten state, compressed air and then subjected to acceleration, the beam impact the particles bound to the substrate surface. The impact to the surface of the particles, and deformation due to pressing, forming a laminate sheet adhered to the surface of the substrate after preparation, followed by cooling and continue to accumulate and eventually form a layered coating. The coating may be due to the different coating materials to achieve high-temperature corrosion, abrasion resistance, heat insulation, anti-electromagnetic  wave function. Since 1908, Swiss engineer Max Ulrich Schoop thermal spraying since the invention, the process has been continuously improved and developed. Today, as a high-tech thermal spraying technology has been widely used in aerospace, automotive, energy, iron and steel, metallurgy, paper, machinery maintenance, municipal construction and other areas. In China, thermal spraying or four consecutive “Five-Year Plan” to promote science project.

In the field of engineering, mechanical surfaces, thermal spray technology is the most effective, most economical and most direct surface functionality enhancements and process parameters. Can improve and enhance the surface by means of thermal spraying species is almost unlimited. By spraying metal, ceramics, alloys, etc. remelting technology means functional concept engineering surface can be extended.
Choose a variety of thermal spraying equipment and methods, either hand-held or mounted on the machine. Thermal spraying process of  Chromium carbide powder  can also cover a variety of options: powder flame spraying, wire flame spraying, arc spraying, plasma spraying, HVOF, plasma under controlled atmosphere, such as spraying, vacuum plasma spraying.
Many industries are adopting thermal spraying process to improve the life of the equipment or parts, to improve the surface of process parameters as well as lower production and maintenance costs. Thermal Spray features include:
      Gap control
      Control fluid environment
      Thermal barrier
      Restore the size
      Changes the electrical conductivity
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