The working principle of the microwave sintering technology

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Microwave sintering is the use of the special band of microwave with the basic structure coupling and material and generate heat, material in the electromagnetic field in the dielectric loss of the whole heated to its material sintering temperature and the realizing methods of densification. Microwave sintering principle and fundamentally different from the conventional sintering process. Material can be evenly inside and outside the whole absorb microwave energy and heating, made in microwave(lab microwave)  field was sinter internal thermal gradient and heat flow direction is totally different from the conventional sintering. Microwave can achieve rapid heating uniformity and does not cause specimen cracking or thermal stress in the sample form, more important is rapid sintering can make the material inside the formation of a uniform fine crystal structure and higher density, improve material performance. At the same time, different materials due to the internal components of the microwave absorption degree is different, so it can realize the selective sintering, was prepared by microstructure and excellent properties of new materials.

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