The working principle Microwave


The working principle Microwave is an electromagnetic wave having a frequency in the 300 MHz a 300GHz. In the high-temperature microwave heating device, currently allow the use of two kinds of frequencies of 2.450 GHz and 0.915 GHz. According to the electromagnetic properties of the material itself, microwaves can penetrate a certain thickness of material.

In the electromagnetic field, the polar dipole molecules always try to electromagnetic fields with the rapidly changing direction to adjust its orientation. When the material in the microwave field, through the material itself may be polarized particles (such as molecules, ions, atoms, etc.) quickly change with the microwave electromagnetic field, inter-particle friction generates heat dissipation microwave heating materials. Therefore, different from the conventional heating, microwave heating without heat transfer outside to the inside, but the material is heated directly by microwave energy dissipation within the material, which can effectively reduce the temperature gradient inside the material. The basic constitution of the microwave reactor temperature is mainly composed of the main components of a transformer, a rectifier, a microwave generator, a wave guide and a resonant cavity and other components.

Microwave generator commonly used magnetos, keystroke or magnetic coil, which produces microwave wave guide feed people through the resonant cavity, placed in the cavity of the material is heated. Because the wave guide is not always exactly match the resonator, and therefore part of the microwave echo reflected from the cavity catheter. Circulatory will be echoes through the guide catheter microwave water load, thereby effectively protect the microwave generator.

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