The Third feature of TiC-based cermet rod

TiC-based cemented carbide inserts  has the characteristics of work hardening, arc welding and impact resistance due to its high rigidity and ability to be annealed. The main properties of the cemented carbide cemented carbide are between steel and cemented carbide, It combines the characteristics and strengths of both materials and is an emerging engineering material that fills the gap between them. Compared with steel, it has incomparable high hardness, high wear resistance and hardenability. (The hardness of steel bonded by quenching from the center to the surface of the material does not differ by more than 2), which is made of its material The particularity of the structure and the characteristics of the hard phase of the decision; at the same time it also has a similar and can be machined, heat treatment and solderable advantages, these performance characteristics are basically the general cemented carbide does not have

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TiC-Steel Bonded alloys for high manganese steel wear parts

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