the structure of the high speed twist drill bit

2.1 spiral groove:

For discharging chips and set its size, you should make the chips can be discharged smoothly, and it shall be provided with a helix angle. Its groove helix angle should vary with the type of workpiece material. For hard materials, the angle is smaller, for soft materials, the angle should be large. Working with ordinary steel drill bit, helix angle is about 30 °
2.2 bit angle:

High speed twist angle drill hours, although relatively it&rsquo s easy to cut into the workpiece, but the drawback is that the cutting edge becomes longer, the required power increases, and the rake angle of the cutting edge is reduced, shortened life expectancy. Thus, the top tip of drill holes used in the processing of soft materials. Usually general steel materials is about 120 ° angle.

2.3 working part

Plunging depth of the drill bit during drilling

2.4 neck

Equivalent Undercut

2.5 shank

Kennedy is used to drill clip site

2.6 cutting portion

The angle of the drill bit length

NOTE: 1-12cm no neck, larger than 12cm are neck (currently the largest straight shank drill to 20mm).

(Illustrate various parts of the drill)

2.5.1 ¢ 6.45 × 30 × 60

Effective length of the drill = 30

Shank length = (60-30)

Diameter = ¢ 6.45

Third, the scope drill

High-speed steel: often range brass / aluminum alloy

Carbide: Common range of copper

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