The safety technical regulations of Vibrating screen

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1. Before the operation, put on work clothes, and work shoes, wear gloves and a dust mask.

2. Before starting, the screen should be checked whether is intact or not, whether the equipment is in good condition, then whether the drums’ feed opening is docked with shaker butt.

3. Always turn off the feed opening of the container when charging,and put the pail steadily on the container. Don’t press the power cord of the electric hoist, hoist shall not be removed from the barrel lug. Use hoist must follow the “The safety technical regulations of the hoist. People are not allowed stand beside when poke shaker material.

4,. The device should be inspected regularly during operation, if there are any abnormal circumstances, immediately stop processing according to the program.

5.If the screen break during operation, the underneath materials must be re-screened, the replacement screen must be shut down. Shaker or by hand tools and instruments are not allowed contact with the rotating part during operation.

6. Regularly checking whether the fasteners are secure or not.

7. Do not use wet hands or metal objects touch electrical switches.

8. Every class should clean the on-site environment, and keep tidiness. Industrial equipment, materials should be placed according to regulations.

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