The safety technical regulations of V-type blender and double cone blender


1.Before the operation,put on work clothes and work shoes, wear gloves, and a dust mask.
2.Before loading, You should deal with inspection various pieces of equipment, connection screws, shields, etc. does not allow loosening, cutting valve should be closed tightly, tipping lever should be locked tightly. Various pieces of equipment should be added in a timely manner in accordance with the procedures of lubricating oil equipment maintenance.
3.You must follow the ” The safety technical regulations of electrical hoist ” when using electric hoist. The barrel should be securely placed on the hopper when loading. Not pressing hoist power cord, stand stable when packing the materials, metal rod is not permitted to touch electrical hoist power supply line.
4.The tipping lever must be withdrawn before starting. The device of starting and stopping must be made in strictly accordance with the double cone blender operating procedures.The tipping lever should be locked after running stop .
5. When discharge the materials, you should be slow to open lower, and using a wooden to knock the cylinder, so that the materials can be unloaded cleanly as much as possible, and you should avoid splashing spilled materials. Prohibit using hammer to beat cylinder .
6. After unloading the materials, you should clean the under material opening and shut down the valve tightly .
7.The device should be inspected regularly during operation, if you found any abnormal things ,immediately stop processing according to the program.
8.Equipment start and stop procedures:
8.1 Before starting the device, check first and keep the controller power switch being turned off, turn the speed of potentiometer counter-clockwise to the limit position.
8.2 .Starting drag motor no-load running to uniform speed
8.3 .Opening the power switch of speed controller , and gradually adjust speed potentiometer knob to process predetermined speed
8.4 .When device stop, you should adjust the speed to be zero, then turn off the speed controller power switch, and finally close the drive motor.
9. Do not use wet hands or metal objects touch electrical switches.
10.Each class should be required to clean equipment and on-site environment, keeping tidiness, industrial equipment and materials should be placed according to regulations.

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