The safety regulations of mixing mill

planetary ball mill machine 2

1.The operator put on clothes before the operation, wear a dust mask and ear protection.

2.Be sure to inspect whether the parts of equipment is good or not, and whether the height of the stirring rod is appropriate, whether the idling operation is normal.

3.During the operation of the planetary ball mixed mill, you should cover the lid, prevent debris falling into the barrel, and avoid hands into the barrel. If you add material, you should stop operation.

4.The speed of the stirring rod should be 25 rev / min when the motor is running.
5.The motor of operation should refuel once every six months.
6.You should always check the ball mill operating conditions, if there are abnormal situation you should immediately stop processing.
7.When discharge the shipment, first, disconnect the power to the motor , and then clean the lid, turn the lifting handle, slowly rising stirring rod, then remove the milling barrel discharge materials.
8.To maintain equipment and site environment clean.
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