The performance and cost of thermal spraying water atomized and aerosol in alloy powder

►Whether using the water atomization or the use of aerosol,the chemical composition of the alloy powder is not because of different production methods and make a difference.
Alloy powders produced using aerosolized, the degree of supercooling alloys much smaller than with mist overtaken , so the same chemical composition, using different methods to make the alloy powder atomization microstructure will be different.
The oxygen content of the alloy powder
The oxygen content of the alloy powder is related to itself oxygen sensitivity and atomized environment oxygen content.If the alloy itself is very sensitive to oxygen, not only to take measures at the time of the atomization , in the melt is also preferably using vacuum melting.For most alloys, as long as reduce the contact with oxygen, can achieve the goal of reducing the oxygen content of the alloy powder. When aerosolized, typically using nitrogen as the atomizing medium, large amounts of nitrogen filled fog zone, will expel oxygen atomization zone,So to protect the alloy oxidation during atomization and cooling.
When a furnace molten alloy liquid is atomized into metal powder,its surface area is increased countless times at atomization moment,In other words, the area which in combination with oxygen also increases, there is more metal surface is exposed to the environment in the atomization.Therefore, in water atomization, if no measures are taken, it is impossible to avoid the oxidation of the alloy when water atomization, atomized environment allows little or no oxygen,First, the atomized cartridge must be sealed, the atomized environment should be cut off from the surrounding environment.Secondly, to excluded the oxygen in closed up cylinder atomization.Finally, the process has been to maintain such a low-oxygen or oxygen-free environment of atomized,Until the end of the atomization, all alloy droplets solidified into an alloy powder.
Water atomization and gas atomization funds invested on the device is about the same,Aerosolized barrel invest larger, but atomizing medium workgroup -Cylinder group and form into small valve, water atomization is the opposite,Atomized into the barrel than the vaporization small, but high pressure pumps, centrifugal pumps inputs greater than aerosolized atomizing medium workgroups. The other part, the two inputs are similar, together, on the same subject.
Unit production costs alloy powder
Production costs per kilogram of alloy powders, aerosolized higher than the water atomization, the actual calculation, a bottle of nitrogen, about to do ten to twenty kilograms of alloy powder,One kilogram of alloy powder needs atomizing medium cost five to ten yuan,When water atomization, the atomizing media consumed mainly electricity to run the pump when, once atomized down, up to an aggregate of one kilogram to 0.5 yuan spent alloy powders electricity.For this reason, the market aerosolized atomized alloy powder is generally more expensive than water atomized.

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