The mechanism of changsha langfeng microwave sintering


Research shows that chang sha langfeng metallic material microwave radiation has a promoting densification [16], promote grain growth [18], speeding up chemical reaction [19] and other effects. Thus in sintering, microwave not only as a kind of heat energy, microwave sintering itself is also a kind of activation sintering process. Janny, first analyzed the phenomenon of langfeng high temperature microwave sintering. They determine the apparent activation energy of high purity Al2O3 sintering process, found that the microwave sintering of only 170 kj/mol, and in conventional resistance heating sintering = 575 kj/mol, [20]. Can speculate that the microwave promote the atom diffusion. Janney, further tracer diffusion method was used to measure the diffusion process of Al2O3 single crystal, also proves that under the condition of microwave heating diffusion coefficient is higher than conventional heating [21]. Freeman, such as the experimental results show that the microwave field has enhanced ion conductance effect [22].
Rybakov and Semenov [23, 24] think high frequency electric field can promote the migration of electrically charged space grain surface area, so that the grain is similar to diffusion creep of plastic deformation, it promoted the sintering process. They according to the Nernst – Einsten equation


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