The life of Cold extrusion tool and other advantages

Cold extrusion machining tool life(including cutting tool)will depend on several factors, including the workpiece material, dimensional tolerances, and process complexity of the shape of the extrusion pressure. But in general, the life of cold extrusion tools are based on the number of work aroud, rather than working picese measure. This is because the deformation of the workpiece material is extruded, instead of being removed, thus avoiding some of the common cutting issues (such as nose BUE, chipping and crater). Especially in the cold extrusion process are difficult to machine materials (such as Inconel, and tantalum alloys) compared with when the conventional machining, the tool wear is almost negligible. Cold extrusion process, there are other advantages:
① cold extrusion workpiece can be easily processed by other means is difficult, and can achieve high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.
② cold extrusion process with little or no waste workpiece material, for some precious metal materials (such as gold and platinum), this is especially important.
③ cold extrusion processing has high speed, their productivity up to 200 / more per minute.

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