The inner cone grinding twist drill test analysis



1 Conclusion:

The principle of the right twist drill cone method grinding, grinding process method and parameters adjustment

Reasonable and feasible plan, laid the foundation for a wide range of applications within the Twist Drill Sharpening Method.

2 Problem Analysis

(1) Cutting speed

Low cutting speed grinding wheel cutting is not sharp, low grinding efficiency, easy to wear the main reason. Meanwhile, since the inner cone structure wheel, wheel blockage caused by the chip easy to exclude, the grinding wheel becomes dull. Within Sharpening, grinding wheel diameter restricted parameters, small wheel radial dimension, can only increase the speed of the wheel to increase the line speed. Test by inverter speed, the wheel motor speed up to 8000r / min, grinding wheel cutting performance improved significantly. (2) Wheel selection

When selecting wheel, consideration should be given within easy chip cone grinding, grinding and inner cone should have a long time after grinding and other factors. After abrasive grinding wheel, binder, organize, size and other options and testing, the inner cone grinding wheel should be greater than the hardness of the grinding wheel knives, size large, loose tissue. Select the inner cone diamond grinding wheel, no grinding cone and good cutting.

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