The inner cone grinding twist drill technology test research

changsha langfeng metallic material high speed twsit drill:

Sharpening the principles set forth in the twist and the tool grinder grinding test methods and adjust the machine. By grinding process test, twist drill sharpening qualified, and analysis and research trials in the presence of the wheel is not sharp, low grinding efficiency, drill fever, easy burns and other issues.
Keywords: Sharpening twist drill grinding parameters Grinding Test
First, the principle of internal Sharpening Twist
Principle 1 Sharpening
Within Sharpening method is a new method for sharpening twist.
2 Within Sharpening Features
Sharpening outside the traditional method, after twist cone is formed by a swing clamps flank, grinding equipment has dedicated two drill grinding machines and grinding machines via modified cylindrical. Specialized equipment and modification of the structure of a larger size, there is no quantitative function, adjust grinding parameters control operation of the workers with more experience and skills between the geometry of the drill and grinding parameters, it is difficult to ensure quality grinding various bits of its stability. Within Sharpening law, from the inside instead of the conical wheel swing clamps, make the machine structure simple, small size, easy adjustment: the optimization of grinding parameters, grinding high quality twist.

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