The fourth feature of TiC-based carbide rod  


TiC-based cemented carbide has good physical and mechanical properties. It itself has a very high hardness in the hardened state and its abrasion resistance is comparable to or even higher than that of high-cobalt cemented carbides (although the material strength and impact resistance are higher than those of conventional cemented carbides). This is because it contains a high (35% ~ 50%) of the hard phase of TiC, but also because the circular TiC grains in the work with the workpiece surface rolling friction coefficient to avoid adhesion wear and abrasions Wear, so that it has high wear resistance and less destructive. Steel bonded carbide also has a smaller specific gravity (titanium carbide steel than steel light steel), higher specific strength, good self-lubricating (wear and abrasion, the surface temperature rose sharply on the surface of the alloy Will form TiO2, the abrasive lubrication effect, thereby increasing the wear resistance), high damping properties and the inherent frequency (with excellent shock absorption effect)

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 Ferro-TiC alloys for high manganese steel wear parts

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