the brief introduction of ball mill work principle

The main content of a planetary ball mill and section describes: is the need for a mounted on two large bearings and can be placed horizontal rotary cylinder, cylinder with compartment plate divided into several compartments, each compartment built with a certain shape and grinding size. Planetary ball mill grinding body is generally steel balls, steel forging, steel bars, gravel, gravel and balls and the like. In order to prevent wear of the cylinder is fitted with the role of grinding mill lining material in the cylinder wall, when the planetary ball rotation, centrifugal force is generated in the grinding body and the cylinder wall liner surface under the action of friction , attached to the inner wall of the cylinder liner surface, together with the cylinder rotation, and brought a certain height, free fall under gravity, the whereabouts of the body like a projectile, like grinding, material impact to the bottom of the crushed material . Grinding rise, circular motion is the cycle of falling. In addition, during the rotation of planetary ball mill grinding body also produces sliding and rolling, thus grinding, abrasive action between the liner and the material, the material ground.

Due to the feed end of the continuous feeding of new material, so that between the discharge end of the feed material and the existence of the material surface can force poor material flow, and drop impact when grinding materials produce axial thrust forcing the flow of materials, in addition to the mill stream Movement also helps the material flow. Therefore, although the mill shell is placed horizontally, but they can slow the flow of material from the feed end to the discharge end, the completion of the grinding operation.

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