The Application of Zirconium Carbide Powder ZrC powder

This product possesses high temperature oxidation resistance, high strength, high hardness, good thermal conductivity and toughness. Also, it is an important structural material; In addition, zirconium carbide powder has a high visible light absorption, excellent infrared reflectance and large energy storage characteristics and so on. zirconium carbide can be used in new type of insulation textile products.
ZrC Zirconium carbide powder application
In our domestic market, zirconium carbide powder has been applied in the field of isolation textile fiber, oil product like PE.
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Zirconium Carbide Powder (ZrC) Applications:
Zirconium carbide can be used in new insulation thermostat textiles, nylon, fiber, hard alloy, nano-structured parts and devices: such as metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, aviation, aerospace and energy industries using high temperature and corrosion resistant; The surface coating of metal and other materials; Composite materials: such as the fabrication of metal matrix, ceramic matrix, polymer nano composites; Sintering additives, grain refining agents or nucleating agents.
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