The advantages of microwave extraction

Traditional heat extraction based on heat conduction, heat radiation from outside to inside manner. The microwave extraction by dipole rotation and ionic conduction in two ways inside and outside at the same time heating. Traditional heat extraction and microwave extraction compared to microwave extraction has the following characteristics
1, high quality, and can effectively protect food, medicines and other chemical materials in functional ingredients.
2 large output.
3, extract with a high selectivity.
4, saving, it can save 50% — 90% of the time.
5, less solvent.
6, low power consumption.
Microwave extraction technology is a new technology of food and Chinese medicine effective components extraction.Microwave high extraction has the advantages of efficiency, high purity, low energy consumption, generate less waste, less operating costs, in line with environmental requirements.It can be widely used in Chinese herbal medicine, spices, health food, cosmetic, food, tea drinks, condiments, pectin, etc. Microwave extraction in our country has been used to many of the Chinese herbal medicine in production line at present, such as puerarin, tea, ginkgo, etc. Microwave extraction, as the one of food processing and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical technology in the 21st century.

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