TaNbC80:20 powder delivery record

TaNbC80:20 Powder Tatanlum Niobium Carbide powder is an import solid solution powder and raw material to produce carbide cemented products, like tungsten carbide end mill, saw blade, button tips, saw tips , woodworking inserts.

Below is our recent delivered lot ‘s data sheet:

APS: FSSS 2.58um

Purity: higher than 99.5%

Ta: 74.51%

Nb: 17.62%

Total carbon: 7.33%

Free carbon: 0.11%

O: 0.07%

If you have any need, please cotact us via E-mail: rachel@langfengmetallic.com or We-chat/WhatsApp: +86 150 8486 3965.ready goods

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