Synthesis of Reaction Technology under Microwave Atmospheric Pressure

microwave sintering
Microwave technology used in atmospheric pressure organic synthesis reaction, select a long neck of the conical flask, placed in the conical flask reaction compound solvent, in the middle of the middle of the microwave punching, installed on the leakage to suppress, to prevent microwave leakage. The reaction vessel was connected to the external stirring and dripping device and the condensing tube by the perforation, and the reaction was successfully completed by a series of reactions. This device under microwave at atmospheric pressure organic reaction, accompanied by stirring, dropping and water separation device, thus, atmospheric pressure system has been developed to a more complete level. Compared with the closed technology, atmospheric pressure technology used in the device is simple, convenient and safe, suitable for most of the microwave organic synthesis reaction, the operation is basically the same with the conventional method.

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