Surface treatment:Introduction of thermal spraying

1.Thermal spraying is a kind of surface strengthening technology, also is an important part of surface engineering technology, has been a focus on promotion of new technology project in China. It is the use of a heat source (such as arc, plasma spraying and combustion flame, etc.) will be powder or filiform metal or nonmetal material heated to melt or half molten state, and then with the help of a flame itself or compressed air injection at a certain speed to the pretreatment of substrate surface, sedimentary and form which has the function of various surface coating of a kind of technology.
2, principle ofthermal spraying

Thermal spraying(titanium carbide coating) is to point to a series of process, in the process, fine and dispersed metal or nonmetal coating material, in a molten or semi-molten state, deposit to a after the preparation of the substrate surface, forming a spray deposit.Coating material can be powder, ribbon, filiform or stick.Thermal spray gun is provided by fuel gas, or electric arc plasma arc necessary quantity of heat, heat the thermal spraying material in plastic state or molten, again through the acceleration of compressed air, make a constrained particle beam impact to the substrate surface.Impact to the surface of the particles, because of the stamping and deformation, form the laminated sheets, adhesive after the preparation of the substrate surface, then cooling and piled up, eventually forming a layer of coating.Due to the difference of the coating material of the coating can achieve high temperature corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat insulation, resistance to electromagnetic waves, and other functions.
3, definition

Thermal spraying refers to the use of oxygen – acetylene flame, arc, plasma arc spraying device, such as the explosion wave provides different heat source, high temperature and high pressure flow flame or supersonic flame flow, will be made into coating materials such as various kinds of metal, ceramic and metal ceramic composite materials, all kinds of plastic powder solid coating materials, instant heating to the plastic state or molten, high-speed spray to clean (rough) after pretreatment of parts surface coating on a surface processing method.We put the special work surface is called the ” coating” , the manufacturing coating work method is called ” hot spraying” , it is used in a variety of heat source on the floorboard of the spray and spray welding.
4, application:

under the action of high.speed airflow of atomized into fine droplet particles or high temperature, at high speed jet to the treated surface, form a solid layer, so that the workpiece surface with different hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, heat insulation, insulation, conductive, seal, disinfection, microwave radiation, and other various special physical and chemical properties.It can managment system in equipment maintenance, make the scrap parts ” coming back to life” Can also be in the manufacture of new products to strengthen and protect, make its ” life live” .
5, The thermal spraying material: spray powder is important in the thermal spraying material.Thermal spraying alloy powder including nickel base and iron base and cobalt base alloy powder, according to the different coating hardness, respectively applied to mechanical parts repair and protection.

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