Study the electrical properties of microwave sintering zinc oxide varistor


Abstract: ZnO varistors by microwave sintering at different temperatures, and sintered sample comparison with the traditional method to obtain the optimum microwave sintering ZnO varistors, and summed up the electrical properties of ZnO varistors with the sintering temperature changes law. On the electrical properties of solder around the ZnO varistors were compared, microwave sintering will prove open air samples sintered to form a large number of volatile surface pores, so that the electrical properties of strongly deteriorated. The sealed sintering can greatly reduce evaporation, improved electrical properties.

Keywords: microwave sintering, zinc oxide varistors, electrical properties, soldering

Unlike traditional microwave sintering process by an external heat source heat conduction radiation outside to the inside, but the use of the material in the microwave field magnetic dielectric loss or loss of heated objects, with fast, transient, integrity and selectivity heating characteristics, reduce production costs, improve product microstructure and properties and synthesis of new materials and other aspects shown great potential [1]. Zinc oxide ZnO varistor is the main base compound mixed with a small amount of Bi2O3, Co2O3, MnO2, Sb2O3, TiO2, Cr2O3, Ni2O3 other additives, fine electronic ceramics by mixing, forming, sintering process made, with a high non-linear current – voltage (IV) characteristics and excellent surge absorption capacity, are widely used as a transient surge suppressor to protect electronic circuits from abnormal overvoltage damage [2].

In recent years, ZnO varistors microwave sintering process is very active, especially in China Taiwan region [3-4], the results show that the electrical properties of microwave sintering die of ZnO varistors can achieve even more than the traditional sintered samples . But not on the electrical properties of solder and encapsulated after study has not been reported. This paper studied the electrical properties of microwave sintering of ZnO varistors, and compare the difference between before and after the tin solder electrical properties, and the results were analyzed on the mechanism.

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