Special precautions of microwave equipment’s routine maintenance

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► Special precautions of microwave equipment&rsquo s routine maintenance

This article describes several considerations of microwave equipment in daily use, there are much help for extending equipment life:

One, microwave device indoor working environment temperature should be maintained humidity between 30% to 75% range.
Second, the microwave equipment must be kept clean, good heat dissipation.
Third, foreign exchange microwave equipment must be turned off, use a battery to power microwave devices in thunderstorms.
Fourth, the maintenance of the battery pack. Do cleaning regularly, every month should carefully check the wiring and connecting screws. Testing shall be tested monthly total voltage of each battery cell voltage, you should take immediate measures to prevent the deterioration of the battery performance affects the entire group if you find single voltage anomalies.
Five, inflatable machine&rsquo s air pressure should be frequently checked, start the desiccant and record frequency.
Six, spot check the equipment board,you need to wear an antistatic wrist strap or gloves.
Seven, visiting days fed area on a regular basis (at least once a month, you must inspect immediately after the bad weather) , viewing towers, antennas, feeder lines without exception check whether mine facilities, ground connection point and the ground network is intact the annual storm season shall be tested prior to ground resistance, the resistance must meet the requirements, reach indicators must immediately implement rectification.
Eight, check antenna fasteners state. After the storm, you should carefully examine antenna system for loosing fasteners, abnormal immediately. Since Taiwan incapable of processing center must be immediately reported related business sectors.
Nine, attendant to regularly inspect carefully microwave equipment to detect faults and different states. Use your computer to view at least a day an important indicator of a microwave device, and make the appropriate records.
Ten, signal transmission problems. You should immediately contact the front, and rear stop , if the current party stand properly, you should carefully check whether the status of the site of various devices is normal, normal site equipment is obliged to find the problem with the station below. According to a variety of maintenance regulations, making all kinds of records for future reference.
Eleven, oral daily reported according to the situation must be strictly actual on time, hiding and cheating are prohibited.

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