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Non-oxide ceramics :

Since the application of non-oxide ceramic materials developed rapidly, and its preparation techniques have become increasingly demanding. And because the microwave sintering technology has many conventional sintering techniques do not have the advantages of many non-oxide ceramic materials have tried out by microwave sintering technology, has successfully burned out there borides, carbides, nitrides. Holcomb found, from time to time in the sintering B was added 2.5% of C as a sintering aid sintering 30min at 2150 ℃, its density increased by 17% compared with the conventional sintering methods.

High-temperature microwave sintering process, the preparation of the dense AlN ceramics, compared with conventional sintering methods, N} high efficiency of microwave sintering ceramics, energy-saving advantages. Yang Jun, who with silicon powder as raw material, under a nitrogen atmosphere using microwave successfully synthesized Si3N4 powders. Huang Wu et al manganese powder as raw material in the mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, heat 2h condition 750 ℃, microwave synthesis nitrogen content 7.75wt% manganese nitride.

Compared with the traditional process, low synthesis temperature of at least 100 ℃, synthesis time in half. Wang Xiong and others with vanadium pentoxide, or metavanadic hinge as raw material, carbon black as a reducing agent, to study the preparation of vanadium nitride using a microwave method. In coal ratio was 35%, nitridation time is 120min, nitridation temperature of 1450 ℃ conditions, substantially all of the microwave synthesized product as nitrogen vanadium. Meanwhile, compared with the traditional resistance furnace heating, microwave heating and cooling reduces the response time, save energy, simplify the process and reduce costs.

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