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The use of microwave sintering special ceramic materials, help to reduce the sintering temperature, sintering rate increase and improve the microstructure and properties, and also there is a huge potential in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. Currently range of special ceramic material prepared by microwave sintering technology used in expanding, wherein the porous ceramics, biological ceramics, non-oxide ceramics and ceramic composites will be the focus of future use of microwave sintering technology research and development.

Although the microwave sintering technology in the field of ceramic materials have good prospects, in some ways been a certain degree of industrial applications, but its firing mechanism is unclear, and many engineering problems limit the development of microwave sintering technology. (1) The variation of the dielectric constant and master a variety of materials with different dielectric constant frequency measurement of materials, process and design optimization of microwave sintering equipment can provide a rich theoretical basis. Selection (2) microwave insulation materials, sintering temperature uniformity control is the key to producing consistent quality ceramic products. Development (3) high-power microwave generator, the microwave energy conversion efficiency increase, the material cost of the microwave hyperthermia control is to solve the problems of high temperature microwave heating device of industrial application.

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