some of the key issues of engineering applications(2)

2.high power microwave generator design
Industrial heat treatment by the amount of material is very large, so that a single device required heating power is also correspondingly larger. At present, the design of high power microwave generator is another technical bottlenecks of high temperature microwave reactor in industrial application.Improving high-temperature microwave reactor microwave power approach include increased power and more single magnetron microwave power source power synthesis technology. On the one hand the high cost of production of high-power magnetrons, expensive and not conducive to the promotion of high-temperature microwave reactor applications on the other hand, by the high power microwave generation mechanism and the physical structure of the device process limit, a single magnetron microwave power also very limited, as in the 915 MHz frequency, is currently the largest single magnetron power of 75 kW, it is difficult to meet the power needs of industrial heating.
The use of multiple low-power microwave source for power synthesis is a new direction of development of high-power high-temperature microwave reactor design. Multi-source power microwave source power synthesis involves coherent and non-coherent power source power source synthesis in two ways. A microwave reactor at an elevated temperature, the phase and frequency of the power source of random variations in the actual work, so in fact the source of non-coherent power combining synthesizing a plurality of microwave sources.microwave furnace.

Finite difference time-domain (FDTD), finite element method (FEM) and other electromagnetic numerical methods for solving Maxwell equations of the electromagnetic field distribution obtained static resonant cavity microwave energy distribution. Combined electromagnetic parameters and material to be heated heat transfer equation can be solved further power dissipation and temperature distribution of the material. On this basis, according to the electromagnetic properties of the material to be heated, the thermal parameters and the heating process on the high temperature reactor microwave resonant cavity to optimize the design, in order to effectively improve the microwave energy and temperature distribution uniformity.
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