some of the key issues of engineering applications(1)


1.high-temperature microwave heating special ceramic material
In the high-temperature microwave reactor, heating the material to be disposed within the cavity of the ceramic tube, microwave energy fed into the cavity through the ceramic wall into people need to be heated materials. Thus, high-temperature microwave reactor dedicated microwave transparent ceramic material should wave material having a lower dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent of microwave electromagnetic transmission should be higher than 70%. On the other hand, high-temperature microwave reactor ceramic materials not only need to have basic physical and chemical properties of ordinary refractory material has, but also in the structure capable of withstanding high temperature stress, physical, chemical and mechanical action, which should be low coefficient of thermal expansion, refractoriness high (generally to be higher than 158,090), but also has a certain mechanical strength.
High-temperature microwave heating of ceramic material is a new branch of refractories. Lack of good high-temperature microwave heating of ceramic materials has restricted the application of high-temperature industrial microwave reactor technology bottleneck. Electromagnetic high-temperature microwave reactor special ceramic material, a key factor components, size, and density of microwave phase metallurgical refractories mechanical properties and thermal physical properties depend. Currently, high-temperature microwave heating of ceramic materials include aluminum silicate products, silicon products, magnesia products, carbon products and high purity oxide products, including pure substances refractories is currently the ideal temperature microwave heating ceramic material. In order to improve the thermal efficiency of high-temperature microwave heating, microwave heating to further develop high-temperature ceramic materials having excellent electromagnetic, mechanical properties and thermal physical properties of high-temperature microwave reactor to promote industrial applications ,which is particularly important.

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