solve the “stick wall” sink problem of planetary ball mill

changsha langfeng metallic material  tell you how to solve the “stick wall” sink problem of planetary ball mill

It should be said that people have to face these problems so make developers working to develop a double planetary ball mill. Double planetary ball mill, a planetary ball mill, he uses two planetary operating principle, generating a strong centrifugal force, linear impact. Grinding media with a reasonable, rational milling tank, the material for grinding, not only to solve powder “sticky wall” sink problem during grinding, and grinding effect can reach 0.06 micron, the industry list, use abrasive milling 0.06 micron, which is 60 nm devices, powder in this industry, is still quite rare.

In the domestic ultra-fine powder equipment inside, a lot of different devices appeared. But basically in order to solve this problem pulverized into ultrafine powder, there have crusher, ball mill. Raymond, sanding machines and other equipment, from small-scale experiments to produce, but has different characteristics, but also there is a different problem. When different materials in general when crushed produce different changes that may sink to the bottom, may stick to the wall, this is the case, longer grinding time, or simply changing the polishing methods are not solve the problem, so that the material can not be to achieve the desired grinding effect.

Double planetary ball mill ultrafine effect not only meet, but also can be done at the same time efficient for research institutes, laboratories, paint, paint, nano, powder, medicine, magnetic materials and other good variety of materials, such as “titanium dioxide” Magnetic Material “Phosphor” Kaolin “mica” and so on.

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