Sintering Process on Tensile Strength

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Sintering Process on Tensile Strength :

shows that the microwave sintering low alloy mechanical properties than conventional sintering, which is due to the higher microwave sintering density of low-alloy steel. For the iron-based materials, the density has great influence on the mechanical properties, when density reached 7.2g / cm3, tensile strength, hardness and fatigue strength would change with increasing density increases exponentially. Further, the mechanical properties and porosity materials have the following relationship: &sigma = K&sigma of (&theta ) (1) See, (1) is the static strength of the sintered material, &sigma o is the intensity of a dense material, K depends on the materials and manufacturing processes, &theta is the porosity. Even identical porosity or density sintered materials, the tensile strength and also the shape, size and distribution of porosity is related to the porosity of the ball and smoothing can reduce stress concentration, thereby enhancing the tensile strength of the material.

As can be seen from Figure 2, the microwave sintering pores more rounded than the conventional sintering and is distributed more evenly, so the microwave sintering of low-alloy steel has a higher tensile strength. Figure 4 shows the conventional sintering and microwave sintering tensile fracture surface samples. From Figure 4 (a) can be seen in the conventional sintered samples of coarse grains is large, this is due to the slow cooling of conventional sintering lead to grain growth, while a large number of fracture porosity, and almost no dimple, is along the grain fracture. And Figure 4 (b) as shown in the microwave sintered samples have smooth fracture facets as a crystalline fracture surface, belonging cleavage fracture in the fracture as well as the presence of a large number of dimples, and the dimples deep, so the microwave sintered tensile fracture cleavage mainly by dimple section, belonging to a mixed fracture mode.

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