Sintering Process influence on low alloy properties-Results and discussion

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Results and discussion:

Sintering Process on density Table 1 for low alloy Fe-4Ni-2Cu-0.6Mo-0.6C performance. Figure 2 shows the SEM photograph of the sintered sample pores.Microwave sintering density of low-alloy steel samples 7.21g / cm3, while the conventional sintered sample density of 7.12g / cm3. The biggest difference between microwave and conventional sintering sintering is different heating rates. When the temperature exceeds 700 ℃, the heating rate of microwave sintering can reach 65 ℃ / min, and the heating rate of conventional sintering only 5 ℃ / min, under normal circumstances, a slow heating rate is conducive to the diffusion of elements in the material system by slow heating and insulation allows long fully alloyed materials, to improve the material properties of various purpose and although the temperature microwave sintering rate, but it is an activated sintering, even with rapid heating of the material can be fully alloys. Low alloy elements in Ni and Cu can form an infinite solid solution.

when using microwave sintering rapid heating elements too late to fully diffused, the temperature reached the melting point of Cu (1 083 ℃), this time to retain sufficient liquid, liquid phase copper under the action of capillary forces along the surface of the particles spread, filling holes, beneficial low alloy densification Microwave sintering rapid heating can also inhibit grain growth, while the overall heating microwave sintering is conducive uniform porosity after sintering. As can be seen from Figure 2 under microwave sintering pores smaller than conventional sintering, and sintering conducted with conventional sintering, grain begins to grow. When the copper begins to dissolve, forming a large part of the pores begin communicating pores, even if it is difficult to make a long incubation pore elimination, resulting in a lower density of the sintered samples.

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