Reduction furnace with two molybdenum wire safety technology

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1, before the operation, please put on work clothes, work shoes, wear gloves and a dust mask.

2, open the oven:

2.1 carefully check the door, furnace various parts of tightness, check push the boat, cooling water, temperature control instrumentation is normal, abnormal timely manner

2.2 After cleaning the furnace tube closed door, open ventilation, feeding hydrogen gas to take some time to do a test tube with fulmination test to determine air drained after the furnace ignited the blast furnace, bottom vent hydrogen. Adjusting the hydrogen flow, and check all parts of the furnace tightness again, with fire clay closed leak points. When blowing furnace ignition source is prohibited within one meter

2.3 notification duty electrical power transmission temperature, adjust the cooling water flow system in strict accordance with furnace oven.

2.4 Ovens attention during the inspection instruments, cooling water, hydrogen flow and other normal, abnormal timely manner

2.5 After the oven hearth hydrogen valve closed, when the furnace temperature is measured by an optical pyrometer from the door should be 0.5 m or more

2.6 After the start of the process temperature reached into the boat, the first three boats can enter, according to the process after execution.

3, the production process should be careful to check the cooling water, hydrogen flow rate, temperature control, etc. are normally forbidden door open at both ends, the operator should stand on the side of the door, open the door must be ignited.

4, under normal circumstances shutdown: the boat had to be expected with a high temperature zone by cooling the material after stop pushing the boat out of the boat, closed the door. Appropriate transfer of small cooling water, hydrogen flow, furnace vents with wet asbestos blocked, stopped when hydrogen and cooling water at room temperature until the furnace temperature dropped.

5, the production Troubleshooting:

5.1 Hydrogen Hydrogen suddenly interrupted when closed immediately, stop loading and unloading, closed the door, and blocked furnace vents with wet asbestos, appropriate to reduce the oven temperature

5.2 power outages should stop loading and unloading, closed the door, with due emphasis on small hydrogen flow and blocked furnace vents with wet asbestos

5.3 should stop loading and unloading without water, closed the door, due to lower furnace temperature, adjust the small hydrogen flow.

5.4 Interrupt compressed air should stop loading and unloading, if longer, reduce the oven temperature should be appropriate, transfer a small hydrogen flow.

5.5 class should be required to be clean equipment and on-site health, tidiness, industrial equipment, materials and other display.

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