Reaction type Crusher safety technology

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1,Before the operation to put on clothes, you should wear protective glasses, dust masks and ear protection.Ti(C N) based cermet .

2, before turning into the crusher want to check to make sure, check the contents include:

2.1 ground screw, screw, solid liner situation.(cermet rods)

2.2 crusher belt tension, whether there can not be broken and foreign material inside the chassis, if

Cleared up.

2.3 at the discharge port is put away spout.

3, with a spout on the alloy to be broken or sieve material ready, with a crane hanging on it steadily crusher feed opening.

4,Empty crusher start until the speed reaches full speed before feeding, can not start before cutting equipment, but should pay attention to the feed should be less than 50MM, cutting evenly.

5,job after pot material, to adjust the rotation spin hammer, rotary hammer, etc. must be parked and then reverse rotation prohibit operation tone rotation.

6, stop, you should first stop the material feed, be expected to stop working after setting operation.(Ti (C, N) Based Cermet plate)

7, when the machine is running non-direct hand feeding or cleaning up inside to the charging port of the obstruction material blocks.

8, to the crusher feed, the operator should stand side deviate charging port feeding.

9, cleaning inspection and repair of equipment must be shut down for later.

10, drag, when down the barrel, not too much force, to prevent slipping and s

11, regularly check that no abnormalities, abnormal and the Times about the staff.

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