Principle of microwave extraction equipment

Microwave equipment can be considered in two ways, one is the high-frequency electromagnetic microwave radiation penetrates the extraction process medium reaches the interior of vascular bundle and glandular cell system materials. Due to the absorption of microwave energy, the cell internal temperature rose rapidly, so that the cell internal pressure exceeds the capacity of the cell wall expansion, cell exception. Free active ingredient out of the cell. Get the extraction medium and dissolve at lower temperatures, by further filtration and separation, will be awarded the material extracted. In another aspect, the microwave electromagnetic field generated by the acceleration portion is extracted to the extraction solvent interfacial diffusion becomes rate.

When water is used as flux, in the microwave field, the water molecules become excited state rotational speed, which is an unstable high-energy state, or vaporization of water molecules to enhance the driving force extraction component. Or water molecule itself releases energy to the ground state, the energy released is transmitted to the other compositions of matter, to accelerate its thermal motion, by shortening the extract component molecule diffusion inside the material to the extraction time interface flux, so that the extraction speed several times, while also reducing the extraction temperature. To ensure maximum extraction quality.
changsha langfeng metallic material Microwave furnace   is an electromagnetic wave frequency from 300MHZ ~ 300G MHZ, its direction and size intercropping cyclical changes with the change of time. Since the frequency of the microwave frequency associated with molecular motion, so it is a microwave energy from the ion mobility and dipole rotation caused by non-ionizing radiation molecular motion, when it acts on the molecule, promoting the rotational motion of molecules , if at this time molecular has a certain polarity.

Instantaneous polarization and under the effect of microwave electromagnetic field, such as frequency of 2450 MHZ microwave is done at a speed of 245 million times per second polarity reversal movement, the vibration of generating keys, tear and friction between particles, collision, promote the molecular active part better contact and reaction, at the same time quickly generate large amounts of heat energy, promote cell division, the cell SAP overflows and spread into the flux.

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