Plunge milling advantages


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According to a certain time interval from the top in the end portion of the workpiece processing (such as “Z” level roughing) is a method for roughing among the most commonly used. Recently, capable of high speed / feed processing machines and tools to improve the “Z” level roughing productivity.

When the method of clamping a workpiece geometry, machine tool or workpiece limits the constant speed feeding operation when the ability (and sometimes its operation feed rate up to 200 ~ 300in / min), this approach will have a certain limitation.When any of these cases, the plunging will reflect the following advantages:

1. feed rate constant

When using Z level processing methods, chip load (IPT) varies radially and axially exposure increases or decreases.When the transverse cutting, although radial contact and span will be some changes, but still maintain a constant chip load.

2. The tool path optimization

In general, as compared with the Z level processing methods, plunge milling is a more direct method of processing, the processing required for a particular area of less movement (processing linear inch). When circumstances require changing encounter X, Y axis direction processing (eg machining with a pillar crypt), which will become a special case.

3. Optimization tools.

Plunging at relatively low feed rate (usually 50r / min or more) cutting a large amount of processing materials. The processing method of using the old machine tool processing workshop, its cutting speed metal with high-speed processing method comparable to newer machines, sometimes even more than these newer machines.

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