planetary ball mill material preparation

Since the 1990s, mechanical alloying preparation of new composite materials has become a hot topic. It has been found, MA abrasive action by the high energy planetary ball mill, the material and can cause some scale atomic binding, thus produced by a chemical reaction, can be realized amorphous, intermetallic compounds can be generated intermetallic compound, In some solid state. You can not make some of the lower liquid ingredient miscible system allows a wide range of solution; on the other hand, due to the strong impact with the planetary ball mill grinding action, but also can be prepared a variety of simple substance element nanoscale powder materials and cermet nanomaterials.

Planetary ball mill has been able to preparing the successful realization of new materials depends largely on the ability to work a planetary ball mill, the paper through the analysis of kinematics and dynamics of planetary ball mill, so that people can more deeply understand planetary ball mill It works. Monocular in horizontal ball mill for common fixed axis rotation, the ball movement of people in the cylinder has been basically get in ordinary ball mill, ball was first brought to a certain height by the rotation of the cylinder, then the ball Since the departure point and the cylinder wall and out into the falling down due to gravity, since dropping the ball during a certain kinetic energy leaving the material to be crushed. Obviously speed tube mill has a critical value, high balls will not be due to the centrifugal force is too large and out of the cylinder wall, too small to make balls rise high enough, which is not conducive to grinding balls of material.

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