Planetary ball mill frequency system

1.The use of frequency control the planetary ball mill drive system to meet the planetary planetary ball mill at low speed, high starting torque and other product features, to achieve a speed planetary ball continuously adjustable. When the motor is started, no inrush current, starting torque sufficient protection functions. Ensuring the quality control process, saving maintenance costs.

2, after the equipment can automatically control the voltage rise to overcome the inertia caused by a planetary ball mill, and effectively ensure the normal operation of equipment.

3, using the frequency automatic voltage regulation function, in unrelated planetary ball mill and load conditions, keep the motor for maximum efficiency.

4, can be easily set by the drive downtime, automatic shutdown after milling is completed, make the operation more intelligent, humane.

5, intelligent man-machine interface monitoring the drive parameters, LCD display. Inverter system energy savings analysis to a ceramics factory 160KW planetary ball mill will be described. The planetary ball mill motor 160KW, motor rated current is 300A, the cylinder speed 30r / min, each work cycle 5s, the current range 145 ~ 210A is equivalent to 48% to 70% of rated current, 145A for the 4s, 210A as 1s.

A former high-power energy-saving load time: P10 = 160 × 0.70 / 0.83 = 134.9 (KW) 0.83 Efficiency at 70% load of the motor. Power consumption when the load is low: P11 = 160 × 0.48 / 0.7 = 109.7 (KW) 0.7 to 48% load efficiency of the motor. P Energy Saving hours before consumption = (P10 × 1 + P11 × 4) /5=114.7 (KW)

After the B high-power energy-saving load time: P20 = 160, × 0.7 / 0.9 = 124.5 (KW) 0.9 to 70 percent efficiency when the motor load and voltage control. Power consumption when the load is low: P21 = 160 × 0.48 / 0.88 = 87.3 (KW) 0.88 to 48 percent efficiency when the load of the motor load and voltage control.

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