ND planetary ball mill Introduction

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Planetary ball mill
applied to universities, colleges, research institutes and corporate laboratories to study rapid batch grinding to colloidal fineness of the sample (minimum of up to 0.1&mu m), and mixed, homogenized and dispersed. Widely used in mining, soil, metallurgy, electronics, electricity, materials, chemical light, medicine, beauty, environmental protection, ceramics, glass, nuclear research and other scientific and industrial sectors.


Planetary ball on a turntable equipped with a total of four milling tank, when the turntable rotates, when the canister is constantly milling around the turntable axis continuous revolution, will continue to work around its own axis reverse rotation of planetary motion, tanks balls collide with each other as well as materials, friction, to crushing, grinding, mixing, dispersing the sample object, and sustained high-speed motion.

Way of working:

Planetary ball mill can be dry, wet, vacuum mill. It Yung mixing finely ground, sample products, product trial as a whole, and one can be sampled at the same time, the ideal tool for both development of new materials, as well as the necessary equipment for the production of small batch grinding special materials.

Control System:

Using the most advanced frequency control has a program setting function, you can achieve continuous unidirectional, continuous commutation timing way, the timing change to the four-way programmable operation. Program control using the AC motor (no carbon brush wear, long life, low starting power, energy-saving, can set the program to run), machine integration, small size, light weight, low noise, simple operation, without strict balance to operate.

ND planetary ball mill advantages:

The appearance of the original clamshell box (or open type), easy to operate, cover with safety switch, safe and reliable. Compact, attractive appearance, greatly reduce the weight and yet stable, truly a fully integrated whole. Planetary gear train transition from the 4 wheel increased to eight, increasing the stability of the drive (especially at change of direction), reducing wear and extending the life of the machine.

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